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Apple Movie Trailers - Looking for movie trailers? Here's the site for you, got all the latest trailers in 720p and 1080p.
Azimut Yachts - Discover the exclusive world of Azimut: luxury motor yachts of unmatched design, comfort and style.
Blizzard Entertainment - The creators of Diablo, StarCraft and WarCraft. Do I need to say more? Oh, WoW will ruin your life! :)
Bricklink - Missing any LEGO-bricks or sets from your collection? Then look no futher.
Currency Converter - Buying stuff online & across the world? No problem, this currency converter gets the job done in notime.
Firefox - Stop using IE and get the best web browser to date, Firefox 3.6!
GameTrailers - An excellent site with video previews, reviews & trailers of all the most recent games. Yes, even Pach-Attack!
GIMP - Find Photoshop too overwhelming? Can't afford it? Well, try GIMP. It's free and gets the job done. A+
IGN - Pretty much cover all games and got a FilmForce corner for movie fanatics.
Kontio - The most beautiful log houses I've ever seen. From the northern forests of Finland.
Maps'n'Mods - This site has a massive archive of WarCraft III maps. You'll find any sort of map here!
MMO-Champion - World of Warcraft Guides and Raid Strategies. Also cover upcoming patches, even got a Blue Post tracker.
One.com - A great domain & hosting service for that I currently use. For a small fee you get everything you need.
Opera - Could possibly be the best web browser in the world? You decide, I only use Firefox and Opera.
PayPal - Don't want to give away your VISA card number to every site online? Use PayPal, safe and easy to use.
ScrewAttack - Great site about retro-gaming, loads of sarcasm. Check out the Video Game Vault. Love it! (Also available at Gametrailers.com)
Sea Shepherd - Do whatever you can to help save the dolphins, seals, bluefin tunas, sharks and whales!
Sonic Fan Remix - Missing good old Sonic? Don't like Sonic 4? Well, cheer up, Sonic is back with the most beautiful graphics you've ever saw!
Strukelj.org - A personal friend of mine who's into music production. Also got an interview online with Poets of the Fall.
Team Liquid - 'Starcraft Pro Gaming News' - Yes, indeed. Got a great community and you can find all of my SC2 maps in the Custom Maps forum.
The HOoDoO Man - Another WarCraft III map making team with great maps.
Ubuntu - Tired of Windows? Then give Ubuntu a try. It's free, fast and open source, and works with Firefox, OpenOffice, Skype, Thunderbird, GIMP etc.
W3Schools - This is your first stop for learning how to create your own websites. XHTML, CSS, Java etc.
Warcraft.Org - Got the best uploading system for WarCraft III maps I've seen so far. Will also generate a 256x256 JPEG minimap for each map.
WinAmp - The best MP3-player! For Windows XP, use version 2.XX. For Vista/Win7 (even 64-bit) go for WinAmp 5.XX.