. . : : History : : . .
Once upon a time...
Area 55 - version 3.0
Yes, you're right, why start with version 3.0? Simple. My first two websites were utter garbage and will never be shown to the public - never ever. :)

As you see to your left, my first decent website was fairly straightforward and unsophisticated. Built with frames and tables, "font face, size, color etc"-spam and a few GIF-animations. It served its purpose for the time being.

Released: Mars 1999
Area 55 - version 4.0
This was my first proper attempt to build a website without using frames, only tables. It also got a graphical facelift with a new logotype and even more GIF-animations. I liked it back in the days but now... Nha! Hehe.

Released: January 2000
Area 55 - version 5.0
I was aiming for a completely different look so I decided to redo the website from scratch. I also began using CSS and some very basic JavaScripts. Still to this date I like it.

Released: August 2000
Dazonic - version 6.0
Instead of using an URL shortener (e.g. Come.To, Beam.To, Tiny URL etc) I finally decided to get my own dot com adress. That gave birth to Dazonic.com and a major overhaul of the current web design. I dropped the idea of calling Dazonic.com for v1.0 since it will be of great interest in the future to keep track of how many different websites I've actually done.
Out of all the websites shown on this page I am most pleased with this one.

Released: 2004