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February, 2024
Finally, a new map has been released to WarCraft III. Goblins mining caves for gold, lo & behold, 1v1 tournament for the bold!

Check it out here. Enjoy!
December, 2023
Year ended with 4x heavily updated classic Warcraft III maps, yey, and they all work with patch 1.22a & REFORGED.
Under 2024 Q1 I should release several of my new WC3 maps, exciting!

And I lurk about HIVE Workshop, post maps, a lot of interesting projects etc. Visit HIVE. You won't regret it!
April, 2023
I've updated some old Warcraft III maps to Reforged. Or? Thing is, I've had a thought about it and I prefer classic WC3 to REFORGED. So I've decided to make all my newly updated maps and new ones to be compatible with classic WC3 patch 1.22a. Then we all can enjoy the maps with both the original game and REFORGED.

And if you haven't already, go watch GRUBBY play WC3:Reforged (Classic mode). Very enjoyable!
Completed Projects
February 10th, 2024
Wizard Legend
August 2nd, 2023
Capital of Razmon
June 10th, 2023
Work In Progress
Work In Progress