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Mars 21, 2012
Oh boy, long time no see. I'm not dead nor do I despise the Internet. I've just had a lot of things to do and picked up a new hobby. More of that soon enough!

So, let's start with a new wallpaper called Intense Sunset. A sunset comes along every day, but it's rarely this intense. I'm just glad I had my camera with me.
Intense Sunset
You wish!, 2012
Top Secret!
Mars 31, 2011
It's been slow here lately, but that's what happens when you lose interest in some games.

At least I got a small update for you, a new wallpaper. Geek Art, this little piece of art happened by accident when I took a picture for an online auction. Also added resolution support for iPad/iPhone.
Geek Art
Completed Projects
Garden of Serenity
January 01, 2011
Kingdom of Rust
September 04, 2010
Blaze of Glory
August 20, 2010
Work In Progress
Work In Progress